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Champion Camp

Farm Camp For Canine Trouble Makers!
$700 Per Week

Requires one in home session before signing up! We are usually booked two months in advance, so please call ahead! 

Champion Camp is a board and train program located on our personal farm. We have recently changed our camp program to only include puppy training, on/off leash training, basic obedience, overreactive behavior, and socialization. Please see training packages for aggression/fear based behaviors. Call to see if you qualify. We only allow two dogs in this program at one time. The cost includes a private session with the owners at the end of training. 

At drop off we will make a custom plan for your dog with specific behaviors to work on. When you pick up your dog plan to hang out with us for 2-3 hours as we show you your dogs improvement!

All campers stay at our farm. At night they sleep in kennels in the living room. They spend the day with our 10 personal dogs/assistants and Edgar. During the program your dog may be exposed to:


Our personal dog pack

Other dogs in training

A variety of farm animals (horses, goats, chickens, ducks)

Farm visitors

Lowes, Home Depot, TSC, Halls

Local state parks 

Muddy Paws Pet Emporium 

And more!

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