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Our Happy Story

In 2019, Taylor visited the small town of Mt. Pleasant, Mississippi. She planned to stay for just two short weeks. She had absolutely no idea this place would become the home of her life and business. From the moment she met Edgar at a local farm, their mutual dream blossomed daily into what would eventually be called, The Champion Farm.

Edgar grew up in a small town in Mexico. His family relied on farming. They produced sheep, goats, chickens and a variety of fruits and vegetables. His mom could never turn away a stray dog. As he grew up, he watched how his mom created an incredible dog pack. Little did he know this would be his future career. 

When Edgar and Taylor met they were working with horses who had a variety of behavioral issues. They studied and taught feeling, balance, pressure, release and timing in order to develop a better relationship between horse and rider. At the same time Edgar helped Taylor train her two wild rescue dogs (Paloma and Tigra). She saw incredible talent in his abilities and skills. 

Shortly after purchasing the farm location on June 23, 2020, Taylor saw a very special Facebook post. A woman in Florida was begging for help with her dog. He had attacked two people, and the state of Florida said he must be euthanized. She wrote, "...THIS DOG HAS A PURPOSE and deserves to live out his life..."

After much discussion, Taylor and Edgar agreed to take Koa in for rehabilitation, and to rehome him when he was ready. Taylor posted their entire journey on their Facebook page. This was the beginning of everything.

Within just a couple months the farm received tons of messages, calls, and requests for help with other dogs. Taylor left her full time job at Youth Villages to help Edgar run the farm. It has been a rollercoaster ride like no other! And the program has saved dozens of lives. 

It has been over two years since Koa arrived. The farm has evolved, and will continue to evolve. While Taylor runs the office and raises their daughter, Melody Joy, Edgar is in charge of the board & train program for dogs; farm projects and maintenance; providing in home services for humans and their dogs; and teaching dog behavior classes. Edgar has built everything you see here-- the barn, fencing, gardens, dog room, pond, pool, playgrounds, etc. He is turning the farm into Champion Camp- a program for dogs to heal, learn, and play together outside.

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